Nakama Enterprises is committed to tackling our social responsibilities head-on.  This page is for the projects that we’ve worked as part of our committed effort to improve the lives of those around us.  These projects often come to us in the form of a Challenge which is sponsored by a group of organizations that are looking for the ‘next great idea’ or are seeking an innovative solution to a pre-defined problem.  Our work to design and deliver a solution usually involves a great deal of collaboration with other socially-conscious organizations and individuals.  All of the work is done without compensation although there is usually some type of prize should our work be selected as the best design.

Electronic Medical Record Re-design

Sponsored by the White House and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, the purpose of this effort is to improve the design of medical records in order to make them more useable.  Read more>>>

Code for Change: CERT Mobile Application Idea

Code for Change (C4C) is a partnership of universities, organizations dedicated to social change and foundations whose vision is to develop an innovation pipeline to address public service organizations’ greatest technology challenges. The purpose of this Challenge was to design a creative, innovative application using today’s technology to address an issue in the social sector.  Read more>>>

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