Construction Photography


As a woman- and minority-owned small business, Nakama Enterprises holds several certifications including the Department of Transportation (DoT) Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certification. These certifications are recognized by agencies like BART, CalTrans, VTA and other public and private agencies. And the certifications we hold will help you meet your subcontracting goals.

We bring our experience in Project Management to your job site along with our cameras. 

In addition to the work activities, if we see something that will increase schedule, cost or risk to your project we’ll photograph it and bring it to your attention.  As PMP®-certified project managers, we add value to your construction project by providing digital photo and video documentation (including aerial photography) to capture those areas of potential risk before they negatively impact you.

Sometimes a picture’s worth a thousand words…sometimes it’s literally worth a million dollars

At Nakama Enterprises, we use digital photography as a means to help you manage project risk.  To us, it’s another form of project documentation that uses images instead of words.  And it’s powerful.
In their March 2011 newsletter article titled “The Digital Camera & the External Hard Drive; Important Tools for Every Construction Company”, a Bay Area legal firm describes the importance of job site photographs and how they have an impact on litigation outcomes.  Read more in the March newsletter at:

Trends: Documenting Progress and Justifying Payment

Project Progress, Stage, Milestone Photography  Digital photography is now the accepted means of documenting project progress for many public agencies and private companies.  Gone are the days of printed photographs and stacks of binders needed to store them.  This is a win-win situation for everyone; organizations use the opportunity to advance their ‘go green’ initiatives, the environment benefits and higher-quality documentation is delivered at lower costs and in much shorter timeframes.
Work Completion Photography  Another growing trend is to use photographs as proof of completed work.  Because agencies can quickly obtain high-quality, low-cost images many of them are accepting digital images as a basis to authorize payment.

If you need Art…

We’ve done a fair amount of that too.  Construction sites are always interesting places and are often very scenic.  Take a look at our Photo Gallery