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If you want direct answers provided quickly and efficiently, we can help. At Nakama Enterprises, we don’t dance around the issues and will always back our conclusions with data that is straightforward and understandable. We’ll show you where your business is today and then we’ll design a strategy to get you to your objective. And we’ll be completely professional but completely honest too. Let’s face it, you’re here because you’re looking for change. If you’re going to take this information personally or if you really don’t want change, you might want to consider working with another company.

The rate of change for today’s businesses is accelerating
“If you don’t like change, you’re going to hate extinction.”

-Robert Stevenson, 2012 PMI Seminars World Keynote Speaker

Small business owners don’t always know for certain what’s troubling their companies.  They don’t have the time to learn about impacts or benefits that new technologies will have on their business.  Solving today’s issues doesn’t leave much time to plan  tomorrow’s strategy.  That’s why it’s important to find consultants that are sensitive to the things that affect smaller organizations.

Is your decision-making based on data?
“In God we trust…all others must provide clear, convincing data.”

-Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA

Nakama Enterprises believes one of the most important things we do is to provide small companies with the analytics and guidance which enables them to set their own priorities.  We’ll design and deliver a roadmap for the course you’ve chosen and the gauges to indicate progress towards your goals.  And it won’t take a Harvard MBA to understand it, we promise.

We’re a full-service company…

If you decide you want us to implement the plan we also offer a full range of project and program management services that can be delivered by certified Project Management Professionals (PMP®).   Or if the time is right and you’re ready to establish a long-term strategy, ask us about our Strategic Planning services and Business Operations development assistance.

Develop Growth Strategies
Provide Roadmaps and Metrics
Organize Your Business
Improve Operations
Increase Revenue
Eliminate Pain Points
Reduce Costs
Reduce Waste
Identify Risk

Small businesses
Departments in large businesses
Construction Trades
High Tech
The Arts
Public sector

We start by listening to what you have to say.  Call us and schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation or send an email to  After that we’ll proceed in a way that makes sense.  It will all depend on what you feel the problem is and where we agree it falls in the business diagrams.  Read More »

Actively engage in partnership
Help control costs
Prepare your organization for change
Remain open-minded to new technologies
Keep things moving quickly and rationally